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I'm a Search Engine Optimisation consultant and a part time blogger. WebsiteFix is an SEO consulting firm based in Brisbane, Australia. We work with small businesses and help them gain better rankings

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SEO Services in Brisbane | WebsiteFix- Leaders in SEO

SEO Services in Brisbane | WebsiteFix- Leaders in S...

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Section: Blog - Website Fix

Marketing can be challenging for new business owners, but it is essential for finding and retaining customers. Here are 10 marketing tips from… seo-vs-ppc ......


5 Benefits of Ranking on Page 1 - Website Fix

For small business owners, a high Google ranking can be the catalyst to success. Here are 5 benefits of ranking on Page 1 in Google search results. 1. Visibility First and foremost, if your website is on page 1, it increases your chances to get better exposure and quality traffic...


How John turned one idea into $500,000 – Business Success Story.

One night John read an article which would eventually change his life and lift his business out of the doldrums.....

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)- How is it Done? - Website Fix

What is involved in SEO? Google uses about 200 ranking factors in their algorithm. Overall, SEO is mainly divided in onsite SEO and off site SEO. The names are pretty self-explanatory. On site means work done on the site itself and off site is the work done off site. Keywords...

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11 Elements of a Successful Website - Website Fix

1. Outstanding Home Page You know the saying. ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ Your home page is your first impression. It should instantly engage your visitor. Information Think of the your homepage as a pitch. It should also tell the visitor who you are,...